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Privacy policy

Acquisition of private information

We may acquire private information such as user's name, zip codes, address, telephone numbers and credit card numbers from customers due to the necessity when customers use our service.
And we may inquire more detailed private information from customers to enhance and fulfill our service.

Intended purpose of private information

We only use private information of customers within the scope as follows.

  • To send e-mail to subscribers of e-mail delivery service.
  • To deliver Product'sordered by users.
  • To confirm and notify use of our service.
  • To send useful information for users.
  • To contact users for relevant reason.
  • To fulfill and enhance our service.

Disclosure of private information to the third party

We shall not disclose registered private information to the third party without customers' consent except for the following cases.
And even when customers consent to disclose their private information to the third party, we will quit disclosure swiftly if they request to quit disclosure later.

  • where it is used for purpose provided in advance.
  • where it is used by means that are not identified individuals.
  • where we are asked to disclose by administrative body such as court of justice, prosecutor, public prosecutors' office, the police and bar association based on relevant laws.
  • where there is relevant reason such as protecting life, property, honor or credibility of our company, users or the third party.
  • where any company commissioned by us requests for purpose defined in foregoing items.

Use of IP address and Cookies

We do not acquire private information of users except for defined in this policy, and without consent of users.
We shall use Cookies only for operation of specified service and actuation of software.
Although there is a possibility to be monitored by the third party software via internet if users use fixed IP addresses, please take care yourself in this regard.

  • We produce and sell thinnimg scissors with permission to use the patent of Yamamura-MFG Co., Ltd.

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