With these scissors stylists can perfectly materialize their skill and images in customers' hair styles. Find haircut scissors at Cosmo-Smith in Sanjo-shi, Niigata, Japan.

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S.cosmo Warranty & maintenance


We offer "lifetime warranty" for all products of S.cosmo's scissors.

We offer lifetime warranty for quality of our products.

We offer lifetime warranty for quality of S.cosmo's scissors except for damage caused by carelessness of users and loss of parts.
We can offer these warranties because we as a maker, Cosmo-smith responsibly produces all scissors and controls their quality.
And also we hope users to use and maintain their scissors fitting their hands for a long time.

  • With regard to broken blades we can't repair except for products defect.
  • Products maintained by our company including whetting and adjustment apply to these warranties, but products maintained by other companies don't apply to.


Because we as Cosmo-smith want users to use their scissors for a long time, we also set a high value on maintenance.
We think that relation between customers and we last even after selling products, and we hope customers use pleasantly our products for a long time.

We set a high value on rather balance and sharpness of scissors than whetting and adjustment in full maintenance.

Although maintenance in general has 2 to 5 items of diagnoses and 2 to 7 items of maintenance work, maintenance in our company has 10 items of diagnoses and 12 items of maintenance work.

How to use maintenance service

Please send scissors which you want to be maintained with packaging not so as to be broken during transportation.
(Please defray your shipment fee)

We maintain as soon as possible after it arrives.

Maintenance period

Maintenance period is 14 business days excluding Saturday, Sunday, National holidays, summer holidays, Year-end and New Year holidays from the date of delivery to shipping date.

Maintenance fee

¥2,500+shipping fee ¥800, total ¥3,300(without Tax)

Please feel free to inquire us if you want to request maintenance.

  • We produce and sell thinnimg scissors with permission to use the patent of Yamamura-MFG Co., Ltd.

One and only sharpness and ease of use, “KEIUN”